Help with Civil War, please! - LEVI226
Subject: Help with Civil War, please!
From: LEVI226
Date: April 19, 1998

ForJohn Rigdon:
(or anyone else who may be able to help)
      I have a picture of a bunch of men in uniform,  and the caption reads:  

 "Surviving members of Capt.  Joseph Hamilton's Company of the 2nd  N.C.
Mounted Infantry, U.S. Army ( a part of Stoneman.s Army during the Civil War),
holding an annual convention some 30 years after the Civil War. " 

     That caption has a lot of information, and you would think I could find
out something about this unit,  and who these men are.  But, I'm pretty green
when it comes to Military history, and I have no idea where to begin, or where
to search.
I do know the men in this picture were from Western North Carolina, around
Henderson County, as the picture came from a book about the history of that
but gave no further details. 
    I would appreciate any clues on how I could find out who the men in this
unit were.  

    Thanks somuch in advance.

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