help with CHARLES FERGUSON - Jvejohn
Subject: help with CHARLES FERGUSON
From: Jvejohn
Date: February 13, 2000

Hi list,

I'm stuck and hope someone can give me a pointer or two.

My Charles Ferguson is buried in Guyton Effingham Ga. in 1883 headstone says 
born 1800. Buried in family plot for a Robert Ferguson from S/C.

In 1850 census hes in Barnwell.

I find Charles in the 1860 census in Barnwell living by himself. 59 yrs old 
From Ayrshire, ( thats in Scotland)

In 1870 census, hes in Georgia.

Today I found him listed on a passenger list coming to the Port of Charleston 
in 1820 as a 20 yr old from Scotland.

I don't ever find him married or appearing on any census with a wife.

Where do you go next to find a low profile guy like my Charles?

There is another Charles Ferguson in S/C but he is older and does not appear 
to be associated with or near my Charles.


Judi Ferguson Sawyer  email [email protected]

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