Help or Information please - Wmcalli129
Subject: Help or Information please
From: Wmcalli129
Date: August 28, 1998


I was subscribed to SCROOTS, had computer problems for a couple of weeks and
now that I am back on, it appears that I've been dropped from the list.
Probably overload mailbox and all that goes with that sort of thing.
Can I re-sub to the list? or can you just sub me back up in the list mode? I
figured that I could resubmit my subscription request, but just don't want to
cause anymore problems. I am sorry that this happened, I have really enjoyed
the list. Not being a native "Sandlapper", I've really enjoyed reading the
historical post on the list and am ready to get back to it.
Thank you for your time with my request and with the list.
Have a good day

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