Re: Help Needed - Gail Moore
Subject: Re: Help Needed
From: Gail Moore
Date: December 30, 1999

Ok Sorry guys I am bad:
Looking to connect to the following Meeks line:

W. M. Meeks who lived in May of 1881 in Gadsden, AL.  yes yes I know this is
the SC list.
However this does tie back into SC.
You see living in his home at this time was a lady named:
Mathalia Cothrun maiden name Couch who had been b. abt. 1818 in Washington
County, East Tenn.  She had moved to AL. in 1839.  She was married to
Hezikiah Allen Cothran at Ceder Blucf, AL. in 1842.  Hezikiah Allen Cothran
died in 1865.
Now Hezikiah Allen Cothran was the son of William Cockrum and Mary Spillers
of Greenville Dist. SC and the Grandson of Hezikiah Cockerham and Elizabeth
his first of three wives.  Hezikiah Cockerham b. 2/19/1762.
So given this information can any of you help with this family line??
Willing to share what I have with anyone willing to help with new

Thanks much,
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Gail Moore

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