Re: Help in research - Tony and Julie Howell
Subject: Re: Help in research
From: Tony and Julie Howell
Date: June 07, 2000

good morning tom -   my husband and i are very sorry to hear of your recent
doctor's report.  you will remain in our prayers.  you are very right to
"get on with living" and playing with your grandbabies is a most excellent
way of doing that.  how old are they?  i have two gorgeous (of course)
granddaughters, one named Carley, age 9, the child of my oldest daughter,
Dana;  and the other Lyla, 16 months old, the child of my youngest daughter,
Casey.  we expect dana and lyla home late tomorrow night from washington,
d.c.  it's been 5 months since i've seen them.  can't wait to hug and
squeeze them both!

when i was younger i went through stages of wanting to be rich or
famous...leaving some sort of important legacy... childish dreams, of
course.  especially when i finally realized that my greatest legacy were my
children, our love for each other, and how well we lived each of our lives
and fulfilled our roles as child, parent, and children of god.  and now to
that blessed realization come my grandchildren.

....sorry, didn't mean to rattle on so.  i hope that each of you has a good

julie thames howell, jax, fla

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