Re: Help in research - Ted and Freda Noble
Subject: Re: Help in research
From: Ted and Freda Noble
Date: June 06, 2000

Joanne, for what this is worth...when we were doing research in England a
number of years ago, we were told that all the very old birth and death
records were moved to the county seats. Freda

Can anyone on this illustrious list suggest a way, short of subscribing to
>every single mail list in the U.K., I might try to find the birth place of a
>man who I know was born in England in 1745 according to his Rev. War Service
>records.  His name was John Donaldson.  Someone told me to check the
>Yorkshire area.  I did.  Found nothing.  How does one find one individual
>birth record in a parish with so many parishes and so many churches.  It was
>overwhelming when I started looking at all of the churches.  His wife's name
>was Sarah.  I do not know where she was from.  I have not found them coming
>over on any ship, yet!  He was in SC in 1775.
>Any help appreciated.
>Joanne H.

Freda and Ted Noble
[email protected]

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