Re: Help in research - P Mata
Subject: Re: Help in research
From: P Mata
Date: June 07, 2000

My understanding is that allot of records were destroyed during the bombings
of WWII and are no longer available.  Might check and see if the area your
working  was subject to this war or other disasters between now and then
that might have destroyed records.

Pat Mata
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From: Joanne Harley 
Sent: Monday, June 05, 2000 10:34 PM
Subject: Help in research

 Can anyone on this illustrious list suggest a way, short of subscribing to
> every single mail list in the U.K., I might try to find the birth place of
> man who I know was born in England in 1745 according to his Rev. War
> records.  His name was John Donaldson.  Someone told me to check the
> Yorkshire area.  I did.  Found nothing.  How does one find one individual
> birth record in a parish with so many parishes and so many churches.  It
> overwhelming when I started looking at all of the churches.  His wife's
> was Sarah.  I do not know where she was from.  I have not found them
> over on any ship, yet!  He was in SC in 1775.
> Any help appreciated.
> Joanne H.
> >

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