RE: Help in research - Frances
Subject: RE: Help in research
From: Frances
Date: June 07, 2000

Tom, thank you for you our very good information. My prayers are with you
and hope only good things come for you.

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If the man was in the military try writing to the          Public Record
Office in  Kew.  That's  a  suburb of    London.  The Brit.consulate in
Charleston can get you the address.  You will        have to employ a
reseacher  but it is worth it.
While youare at it get the researcher to see what loyalist activity the
ancestor had.  Trust me--- they all stood when the band played God save
the King!  This is from Tom in Atlanta.  Sorry but my oncologist is of
the opinion things look bleak for me.  I love genealogy and wish you all
well.  Don't forget to check with the library in St. Augustine.  They
will have info. of a Loyalist nature.  Now I have to play with my 4
grandbabies.  I need to get on with living or dying or whatever.

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