help from Leonardo Andrea - Bonedigger
Subject: help from Leonardo Andrea
From: Bonedigger
Date: March 16, 2001

He is gone but his files are still here.
Lots of chatter about these files and there should be the work Andrea did was first rate for HIS DAY the 1940's with no puters and every bit had to be dug out in the local court house no state archives then either. So if you had family in SC do yourself a favor and view these files, view all your related files as well because there will be miscellaneous notes therein that just mught help you, He includes deeds and wills when he found them. 
What many people don't know is that the same sort of work was done in NC also by Mamie McKubbin; called the McKubbin files also on microfilm.
These are available at the largest and best genealogical libraries, at all LDS Family History Centers i.e. your  local Church of Latter Day Saints.
Pass the word this is good stuff for genealogists everywhere that had family go thru the Carolinas.

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