Help FAQ for AOL Win95 Users - Steven J. Coker
Subject: Help FAQ for AOL Win95 Users
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: July 23, 1998

Date: Wed, 27 May 1998
From:  C Hammett 
Subject: AOL and Digests

.... I surrendered and posted my own "Help FAQ for AOL Win95 List Subscribers"
(See Below) to the Combs RootsWeb List. In the meantime, ... if anyone
familiar with AOL for Win95 could scan the following for errors, omissions,
etc., and let me know status, I'd appreciate it very much; ... if the FAQ is
correct as is, if anyone cares to use all or part of it, feel free --
permission granted in advance. 

NOTE: I wrote this FAQ in more and simpler steps than normally needed by more
experienced users because it's less experienced users who are more likely to
need help....

Carole Hammett,
Combs RootsWeb


Help FAQ for AOL Win95 Users

Any time that a RootsWeb List Digest is over 20k in size, AOL'S email program
automatically converts the digest to a text file, and downloads it to the
subdirectory in your computer named (usually):  


NOTE: The * is in place of the Version of AOL you are using; i.e., AOL25,
AOL30, AOL40, etc. 

To open your RootsWeb Digest files -- IF you are WIN95:

(1) Go to your Win95 Explorer (right-click your mouse on the Start button in
lower left corner of your screen, then left-click your mouse on the word

(2) Click View on your Menu Bar (at top of screen) and a new window will

(3) Click Folder Options in the pop-up window (and a new window will pop-up)

(4) Click File File Types in the pop-up window (and a new window will pop-up)

(5) Click New Type in the pop-up window (and a new window will pop-up)

(6) Enter the following information in the new pop-up window:

Description of type: MIM File
Associated Extension: mim
Content Type (MIME): [leave blank]
Default Extension for Content Type: [leave blank]
Click "New" button (and a new window will pop-up)

(7) Enter the following information in the new pop-up window:

Action: Open
Application Used to Perform Action: c:\windows\notepad.exe

(8) Click Okay button

(9) This takes you back to last pop-up window. Click the check boxes:

Enable Quickview
Confirm after Download
Always Show extension

(10) Click Close, and the last pop-up window will appear again. Click Close
again and you are done.

NOTE: Once you have completed the above steps, you will always be able to open
your RootsWeb List Digests just by going to your C:\AOL*\downloads
sub-directory (using same steps you used above to open your Win95 Explorer).

NOTE: Win95 Explorer is equivalent of the old Windows 3.1 File Manager -- the
location where you can view all your computer hard drive's sub-directories
(folders) and files.

The Folders (sub-directories) appear in the panel on the left side of your
screen, and the files themselves in the panel on the right side of the screen.

First you double-click the folder (sub-directory) named AOL*, then
double-click the folder (sub-directory) named downloads. In the right panel,
you will find all files that you have downloaded while logged onto AOL.

All you need to do to open a file is highlight the file name and double-click

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