Re: HELP - Helene and Marion Pockrus
Subject: Re: HELP
From: Helene and Marion Pockrus
Date: February 10, 1998

Steve, Wish I was 25 years younger.  Loved your site and if I may
occasionally ask for help when my computer messes up?
A blonde LOL  who loves research.  

> From: Steven J. Coker 
> To: [email protected]
> Cc: [email protected]
> Subject: Re: HELP
> Date: Tuesday, February 10, 1998 8:48 PM
> I know this is borderline off-topic for this SC Genealogy mailing list. 
> since its about a problem about one of the SC GenWeb sites, I'm going to
> being chastised.  You are about the sixth person I've seen posting
comments that
> they are having trouble connecting to one of the SC Genealogy sites.
> I tried to duplicate the problem you described on the SC GenWeb
> site, but I couldn't.  So, I think its just you or your computer setup. 
> didn't mention what browser you are using, so some of my guesses may not
> you, but maybe the will help others.
> 1. I connected to the site you
> mentioned and looked around.  You didn't state exactly what page on that
site or
> what link you had the problem with.  But, I tried several and they all
> for me.
> 2. On I found no image link
map of
> South Carolina as you described. 
> 3. However, on the page I
did find
> a link to the SC GenWeb site at
> which does contain such a map.  I suspect the map on the geocities site
is the
> one you were referring to.  The SC GenWeb map on geocities links
> County back to the SC Spartanburg GenWeb site at
>  So, it looks like the link
map has
> having nothing to do with your problem.
> 4. I connected to the FTP download page at
> and downloaded the
> ASCII text file
> successfully.
> 5. From the above described tests, I ruled out problems with the site. 
Here are
> some guesses as to what might be wrong on your computer that might cause
> problems you described.  Remember that I said guesses.  No promises made
> implied that I'm right.  But, I'd take a small wager on it.
> - You may have your browser configured to require an ID and Password for
> downloading certain types of files.  If this is the case, you need to
> change your browser's settings, or find out what the passwords are.
> - Your browser might not have FTP functions configured properly.  Again,
if this
> is the problem, you need to change your browser setup.
> - The message asking for an ID and password could be from an "Net Nanny"
> "security" program setup to prevent children and others from downloading
> from the net without permission.  If thats the problem, you need to
> change the Nanny settings, or find out what the passwords are.  If you're
> AOL, they might have some "Nanny" settings you can change in your user
> - You might have an outdated or disabled ASCII Text viewer plugin.  If
this is
> the problem, you can find an updated plugin for Netscape at the
> page.  I don't know what the site is, but I'm
sure MS
> Explorer has something comparable to the Netscape plugins.  If you are
using the
> funky built-in AOL browser then I give up on you.  Heard recently that
they will
> be raising their rate to $21+/mo soon.  I pay about $14/mo for unlimited
> from my provider.  You can find service providers by looking at my
> file:///D|/Web/Four11/faq4.html page.
> - The message asking for an ID and password could be from an expired demo
> version of a plugin. Same solution as above.
> - If the problem only occurs when you try to download the ASCII versions,
> don't do that.  You could download the much smaller ZIP version of the
file and
> unzip it.  If you don't have a ZIP utility for doing that, you should
> one from one of the many shareware sites on the net.  Do a search for
> zip utility" or go to one of these shareware sites.
> Thats all my guesses for now.  Hope it helps you and others.  Let me know
if you
> figure it all out.
> Steven J. Coker
> [email protected] wrote:
> > 
> > Hello fellow rooters,
> > 
> >      Can someone out there help me.  I am so frustrated I am about to
kick the
> > dog.
> > I cannot get into some files at the following site.
> > 
> >        
> > 
> > I go to the map of SC and pick out Spartanburg (but I have tried others
> > and go the the files (Census, marriage etc.) and when I click on ASCII
Files I
> > get the message:
> > 
> > "A user name and password are rquired to access the page yu requested. 
> > enter them below"
> > 
> > Then when I contacted the site Coordinator she told me I should not get
> > message and I needed to clean the casche on my aol browser. I did and I
> > get the same message.
> > 
> > What's is happening????  HELP.
> > 
> > Shirley

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