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From: Gaila & Jim Merrington
Date: October 21, 1998

Hello -
Anyone on Scroots list recoognize these names. Reply directly to Robert or
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From: Robert Hemphill 
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Date: Wednesday, 21 October, 1998 11:29
Subject: Re: Help

Hi Gaila & Jim,
>Thanks for the e-mail.  However, Susan is the gal who needs help on her
>Huguenot Bonnet family.  I am the guy who just needs help.  On the other
>hand I wish I could find someone who could direct me to help on my Huguenot
>Martha Piquot (1750/55 - C1796 Bamberg, SC).  She is believed to have been
>born in Charleston, SC or Paris, France (two very unusual cities).  I also
>need help on Martha's husband's father, Fritz Zeigler (that sounds like a
>soap opera).  Martha's husband was Michael Zeigler (C1738 Suabia-Land -
>1809 Bamberg, SC).  Michael's father is shown on the Colonial Journal
>records as Fritz but was possibly known by another first name.  He was born
>in Suabia-Land 1695/1710 and died 1753  to 1780 we believe in SC.  Part of
>his family in PA is a possibility.
>Saubia-Land only lasted a year or two as a country, now being the state of
>Wurttemberg in Germany.  I have been to Ulster or Northern Ireland and love
>the people there.  They are great.  I have not as yet been to Saubia-Land.
>I believe I will find the people there similar to those in Ulster.  They
>believe that kings, princes, barons, dictators, etc. and some presidents
>are all an unnecessary evil and would not be required if the people were
>educated adequately.  I know that Michael was well educated when he arrived
>in America in 1753.  I believe he could probably speak a couple of
>languages.  Their family tutor came with them to this country.  Why can't
>we find Bible records?
>Best regards,      Bob H,  ___
 From: Gaila & Jim Merrington 
 To: Robert Hemphill 
 Subject: Re: Help
 Date: Wednesday, October 21, 1998 7:16 AM

 Hi Susan
 It seems to me I have seen several of your names mentioned (similar
 surnames) on the SCRoots list.  You would be able to check the digests.
 There has been a fair bit of research on the Hugenots and I believe
 was a Hugenot family name.
 Good luck,
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 From: Robert Hemphill 
 To: [email protected] 
 Date: Monday, 12 October, 1998 2:19
 Subject: Re: Help

 >> From: [email protected]
 >> To: [email protected]
 >> Subject: Help
 >> Date: Friday, October 09, 1998 11:50 AM
 >> Hi, y'all!
 >> I am running into some big time dead ends in my search for family
 >> it's time to ask for help!
 >> 1.)  Looking for Margaret Susan Baltzegar (verbal family history has
 >> married to John Jacob Bonnett, but I can only find her connected to
 >> Bonnett)  She was bornJuly 12,1797 ,died Aug.12,1887 and is buried in
 >> Cemetery at Cordova next to her son (we believe) Rufus W. Bonnett.
 >> 2.)  Looking for Margaret Holman Baltzegar.  We have her wedding ring
 >which is
 >> about 210 years old and was passed down through Margaret Susan
 >> Bonnett (we think) to her daughter Elvira Bonnett Mount(Mrs. William
 >> Mount),to her daughter Mary Ella Mount Radcliffe, to her neice Dehra
 >> Harrell, and to her neice  Sarah Elizabeth Folendore Radcliffe.
 >> 3.) Looking for info on Harpin Riggs, a businessman in Orangeburg who
 >took in
 >> apprentice carriagemakers and mechanics.   My gggrandfather William
 >> Mount livrd with him as a teenager (1850 census,I believe) along with
 >> brother John.  Verbal family history says Harpin actually adopted all
 >> Mount children after their father (also named John) died.   Several
 >> in the future were named Harpin.
 >> Any information on ANY of these families would be appreciated!!
 >> Thank you!
 >> Susan Hovermal

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