Hello; WILLSON, Cathryn Selena - Huguenaute
Subject: Hello; WILLSON, Cathryn Selena
From: Huguenaute
Date: May 09, 1998

I'm researching South Carolina "double-L"  WILLSONS and in particular spouse
of Charleston South Carolinian Paul Mayrant Gibbs; she [my great grandmother]
died in the Oak Park North Carolina home where I was born but by all family
traditions she came from a South Carolina family of LL Willsons who had summer
homes in Montreat /  Black Mountain / Arden NC. The tradition is that she was
a violinist with the orchestra that played for state occasions and had a
brother who owned one of the first automobiles in Columbia and a sister who
owned a home just outside Montreat, NC. More tradition has her mother from
Kingstree SC -CLELLANDS or BLEAKLEYS- and her father Thomas Willson Englishman
who received Texas Bounty property for his work as a surveyor in Nacogdotches
1837 / 8. The Willson buried some of the family in Elmwood Cemetery Richland
SC... So much for tradition... I am taking a NGS genealogy home study course
to learn how to do proper research when I get back to SC; in the meantime any
tips on research in SC and URLs you researchers may send me will certainly be
Diane Stratton Gambrell 

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