Hello! - Looking for info on the SC Kidd Family - John Robinson
Subject: Hello! - Looking for info on the SC Kidd Family
From: John Robinson
Date: April 25, 1998

Hello everyone, 

I am working on extending my family history from Arkansas back into South 

I am descended from Andrew Conrad Kidd who was married to Mary Clark. My 
line goes through his son James T. Kidd who moved to Arkansas in the mid 
to late 1850's.

Andrew's household can be found on the 1850 census in York County:

Andrew C. Kidd farmer 41M
Robert A. Kidd        14M
James T. Kidd         12M
William A. Kidd        4M
Mary J. Kidd           2F
Betsy Clark           74F

I believe his wife was still alive at this time, but is not listed. From 
family history, Andrew descended from a line of several John Kidd that 
lived in the York/Chester areas of South Carolina. 

Would enjoy hearing from anyone who has information on this family or 
families related to this one. 

Many thanks, 
John Robinson

[email protected]

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