Hello! - Anna M. Langley
Subject: Hello!
From: Anna M. Langley
Date: May 29, 1998

    I am new to this list and thought I should introduce myself. My name is
Anna M. (ORY) Langley and I have been tracing my family's root system for
the last 2-1/2 years, using the FTM software.
    I am researching my husband's Langley family in SC in the early 1800's.
His G-G-grandfather, Whitfield LANGLEY, is shown as born there in 1810, but
we have no idea what county, or his fathers name or anything else. I have
hit a brick wall with this one and research from my little corner of Alabama
is quite difficult unless it is local information you want.
    Does anyone have any suggestions for getting the SC 1810 census
information on Whitfield? I'm open to just about any idea that will help
break this brick wall down. Another cousin tracing a branch of this same
family thinks Whitfield's father was "Isaiah" but the 1800 SC census doesn't
even list one. The closest is Josiah.
    Thanks ahead of time for any assistance.
Anna M. (ORY) Langley
[email protected]

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