Hello and viewing files - RC
Subject: Hello and viewing files
From: RC
Date: September 13, 1998

Hello to the list from a new cousin.  I am trying to locate Smith and
Lockwood relatives who came to texas  in the 1820s and early thirties.
They were apparently also in Alabama before coming to Texas. Richard was
65 in 1831. He was married to Margaret Lockwood 8-18-1800 in Grainger
Cty.  Bondsman was Ezekiel Smith.  The only member of the famiy to have
an uncommon first name is eldest son Wiley BD Smith.  Wiley came to
texas first,in 1827 and the rest of the family came in 1831.  A William
Clements 45 and wife Letis 47 are with them. Children James, John,
Melvina, Martha, Minerva, Betsy.  Thanks in advance for any clues as to
their parents and siblings.

On opening files from ancestry.com.  They are just text files.  Assuming
you have them unzipped all you need to do is open wordpad and click on
open.  Change the browse window "files of type"setting to "all
documents" and locate your file and click on it.  Viewing in a geneology
program such as Brotherskeeper,etc. is much handier once you get used to

Regards from the new cuz!

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