Hello and please help! - lynn steward
Subject: Hello and please help!
From: lynn steward
Date: December 10, 1999

Hello list!
  I am new to your forum and hoping   someone 
can help me. I am the descendant of a slave who was born in 1838 in
Caroline County VA. His name was Otway BROWN. His master  and father
was Charles BROWN and his mistresss (wife or daughter of Charles?) was
Amanda BROWN.
  I  am addressing this list because I believe that he was taken to SC
by Amanda and remained there for appx 15-20 years (1845-1865). While in
SC, he was trained in woodgraining and housepainting.- trades he
continued til the end of his life in 1912.
 From  1865-1912 he is well documented in Richmond VA (henrico cty) til
his death.
 I am at a loss as to how to research the "South Carolina years". Would
there be any records 
of apprenticeships? Are there any areas of the state that are better
known for woodworking crafts?   Where do I begin? Any help greatly
ps-- I did do an Ancestry.com search for Amanda BROWN in 1850. I got
back 2 hits ,
one in Edgefield county and one in Fairfield.
Can anyone tell  me what to do now?


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