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Richard Harvey was born in Bryan County in 1820, a son of John and Mary 
Harvey. He moved with his parents to Columbia County, Fla., (now Baker 
County) about 1842, where he was married in 1845 to Elizabeth Long, born 
May 7, 1820, daughter of Jesse*and Elizabeth Long. They had eight children, 

1. Martha C.	b. Apr. 27, 1846, m. James Combs (son of Geo.).
2. Jesse W.	b. Jan. 10. 1847, m. Elizabeth Williams, dau. of John D.
3. John	b. 1849, m. Tina Cason.
4. James	b. May 11, 1853, m. Eliza Williams, dau. of John D.
5. Jane E.	b. Nov. 28, 1857, m. Daniel L. Roberts. Died 1886.
6. Richard, Jr.	b. July 27, 1859, m. Ellen Cobb.
7. Andrew J.	b. Dec. 28, 1860, m. 1st. Leta Roberts; 2nd. Lula Harvey, dau. 
of John.
8. Ellen	b - --------- 1862, m. Jerry Dorman.

Richard Harvey served in the Indian War in Capt. Daniel Newman Cone's 
company and in Capt. Bird's company, Fla. Volunteer militia, in 1838, 
serving six months in each company. He also served as a private in Capt. 
Aaron Jernigan's company of Georgia militia, enlisting at Trader's Hill, in 
1841 and was discharged there. He was granted bounty land for his service. 
On Oct. 29, 1892, he made application for an Indian War pension under the 
Act of Congress of 1892, living at the time at or near Taylor, Baker 
County; the pension was granted and paid to him until his death April 17, 
1904. His wife died Nov. 22, 1899. They were buried in Cedar Creek 
Cemetery, Baker County, where their graves are marked. They weree members 
of Cedar Creek Primitive Baptist Church.


Richard Harvey was born in Albermarle County, Virginia, in 1759. His wife 
was Elizabeth Morell, born 1761 in Virginia, daughter of John Morell. They 
came to Georgia and located in Bryan County where they lived until their 
deaths. They had the following children:

1 . Martha	b. 1777,	m. John Sheffield. Moved to Thomas County.
2. (daughter)	b. c1782,	m. Hiram Waller.
3. John	b. 1787,	m. Mary ------- Moved to Florida.
4. Isaac	b. c1790,	m. (unknown).
5. Sarah	b. c1796,	m. William Williams, Mar. 4,1813, moved to Fla.
6. Mary	b. c1795,	m. Alexander Bird. Moved to Madison Co., Fla.
7. Samuel	b. c1798,	m. (unknown).
8. Richard Jr.	b. 1800,	m. Cynthia Burnside, dau. of John.
9. William	b. 1780, 	m. Nancy -------

Richard Harvey, the subject, served as a private in the Virginia Militia 
(p. 358, Gwatney's "Virginia in the Revolution.") -Also see Mrs. Janie Hart 
Auerbach, D.A.R. Nat. No. 332629; she was born 1872 in Bryan County, and 
was a granddaughter of the above Richard and Cynthia Burnside Harvey.
Richard Harvey, R.S.,died in Bryan County about 1825. His widow, Elizabeth, 
drew land as a widow in the 1827 Georgia land lottery. She is shown as head 
of the home in the 1830 census of Bryan County, age 60-70 years. They were 
buried in lower Black Creek cemetery in Bryan county. The Harvey home and 
plantation was on Black Creek.
The son, John Harvey, and the son-in-law, William Williams, with their 
families moved to Columbia County, Fla. in the 1830s and appear there in 
the 1840 and 1850 censuses. They lived in the portion of Columbia County 
now in Union and Baker Counties, where their descendants are numerous.


Charles Harvey was born on December 17, 1830 in Pulaski County, Georgia. 
His parents were Javis and Catherine Harvey. Charles married Martha Zilphia 
Mann on June 10, 1857. Zilphia was born on October 14, 1837 in Wilcox 
County, Georgia. She was the daughter of William B. Mann (q.v.) and his 
wife, Lucy Broadnax.
The children of Charles and Zilphia were:

1. William Franklin	b. 9/4/1858, m.	Evelyn Barton ?. Both are bur.
	d. 11/27/1940.	Friendship Church Cem., Wilcox Co., Ga.
2. Louisa Jane	b. 10/23/1859, m.	Jefferson Pate, I I /19/1885, son of 
Elijah and Elizabeth (Nipper)
		Pate. Louisa bur. Pleasant Hill Cem., Turner Co., Ga.
3. Frances Ellen	b. 11/25/1860, m.	I)George W. Witheirington,
	d. 5/22/1927.	10/21/1884.
		2) Frank M. Tripp, 12/14/1889. Frances and Frank bur. Friendship
		Baptist Church Cem., Wilcox Co., Ga.
4. Charles H.	b. 1/7/1863, m.	Lizzie Ida Hall, 8/21/1885.
	d. 2/25/1953.	Charles bur. Bethlehem Cem., Ben Hill Co., Ga.
5. Mary Sibbie	b. 12/30/1864,m. James Allen Rhodes, 5/14/1887,
	d. 4/25/1941.	b. 10/14/1862, d. 9/24/1942, son of Joseph Edward and Amanda
		(Woods) Rhodes (q.v.). Both bur. Friendship Baptist Church Cem., Wilcox, 
Co., Ga.
6. David Monroe	b. 6/26/1866, m.	1) Sarah E. Fountain, 9/4/1884.
	d. 7/13/1919.	2) Mary Pate, 1/1 /1894, b. 2/12/1865 d. 4/11/1935, dau. of 
Elijah and Elizabeth
		Pate. David and Mary bur. 	Friendship Baptist Church Cem., Wilcox Co., 
7. Elizabeth	b. 9/19/1869, m.	James Henry Wilson, I l/?/1 892,
	d. 2/15/1934.	b. 12/17/1870, d. 2/17/1968, son of Samuel Pascal and Sarah 
Ann (Pope) Wilson.
8. Minnie Catherine 	b. 3/14/1871, m.	Charlton "Charles " P. Faircloth,
	d. 2/2/1932.	9/13/1903, b. 10/9/1866,
			d. 9/17/1949, son of Bennett, b. 2/10/1830, d. 3/14/1869, and
			Tempty Catherine (Holt) Faircloth, b. 3/10/1837, d. 12/4/1900.
			Both bur. Friendship Baptist Church Cem., Willcox Co., Ga.
9. Josepheus S.	b. 8/27/1872, m.	Emma McSwam. Joseph bur.
	d. 3/30/1942.	Friendship Baptist Church Cem., Wilcox, Co., Ga.
10.Johnny LaFayette	b. 6/22/1877, m.	Edna Barker, 10/8/1899,
	d. 1/2/1944.	b. 3/7/1883, dau. of Bartlett 	Anderson, b. 12/5/1857 and
			Mary Frances (Cook) Barker
			b. 7/21/1859. Both bur. Friendship Baptist Church Cem.
11. Artie Malessie "Lizzie"	b. 9/19/1879,	Bur. Mann-Harvey Cem.,
	d. 10/4/1879.	Pineview, Wilcox Co., Ga.
12. Martha B.	b.4/29/1874.

Charles Harvey was a farmer and his wife was a homemaker. They were called 
"Pa Charles" and " Ma Zip". Charles died on September 28, 1898 and Zilphia 
(Mann) Harvey died on February 18, 1898. They are buried in the Friendship 
Baptist Church Cemetery in Wilcox County, Georgia. Many of their 
descendants live in Pulaski, Wilcox and surrounding counties.
Sources: 1860 census Wilcox, Co., Ga.; Hawkinsville Dispatch, newspaper; 
church records; marriage records of Wilcox Co.; cemetery headstones; family 
members; History of Wilcox County.
Contributed by: Violet Brinkley Bennett, 204 Eddie Rd., Homerville, Ga., 

HARVEY, RICHARD - VOL. Vll: His son, John, married Miss Mary Alexander, 
12/11/1817, Chatham Co., Ga. Recorded on Ledger, pg. 93, Cert. # 520. Ref. 
Marriages of Chathamn County, Georgia, Vol. I, by Georgia Historical 
Society, Savannah, Ga, Daughter, Martha, may be daughter of Emanuel Harvey 
instead of Richard, Ref PWG, Vol, V, sketch of William Sheffield, Bulloch 
Co, Richard d, before 11/26/1824, when his wife applied as a widow to draw 
land in the 1827 Land Lottery, The daughter who m. Hiram Waller was 
probably b. 1795 and named Nancy A. Ref, 1850 census Chatham Co., Ga,, pg. 
675, household # 1864, order #1928.

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