From: Jane Benson
Date: May 11, 1999

Hartwell Jones married Mary Sloan "Polly" Stribling (1807-1850), daughter
of Jesse and Elizabeth Stribling.  Hartwell & Mary were from the Pendleton
District, South Carolina.  They had a large family of 13 children.  By 1850
they were living in Atlanta, Georgia (Cobb County) and Mary died in
Atlanta.   I need to know the names of the 13 children and who Hartwell's
parents were.  

Mary Sloan "Polly" Stribling (Hartwell Jones) brother also married a Jones.
 Thomas Major Stribling, b. 1806 Anderson Co. SC married Mary Jones,
daughter of Jabez Jones and Mary "Polly" Yowell.  I need to know who Mary
Yowell's parents were and who the parents of Jabez Jones were. 

I also need to verify whether or not there was any family relationship
between Hartwell Jones, Mary Jones (wife of Thomas Major Stribling) and her
father Jabez Jones.     If you have any knowledge of these two family
lines, would you please contact me?

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