Harris/Brown/Gibson/Trammell/Haygood - Donna Sarchet
Subject: Harris/Brown/Gibson/Trammell/Haygood
From: Donna Sarchet
Date: December 15, 1998

Are you a direct descendant of Farr Harris Trammell and wife Sarah

I am a descendant of John Haygood, brother to Sarah.  They are the
children of Benjamin Haygood (Rev. soldier) and wife Mary Ann Stewart. 
The Haygoods go back to 1680s Surry Co., VA.

Also, do you have any idea of why Farr Harris Trammell is named "Farr
Harris" for his given names?  I ask because of the Farr/Pharr families
in old Wilkes Co., GA--who likely go back to Union Co., SC where the
Trammells are from.  The Pharrs/Farrs are in my line via Marthy/Patsy
Farr/Pharr, who married William Barron (son of Capt. William Barron,
Rev. Soldier, and wife Prudence Davis).  William's sister married Jacob
Garrard; as I recall the Garrard's came to GA from Union Co., SC. I saw
"Gerrard" in your surname list.

Also, where in SC are your Browns, Gibsons, and Harrises?  Families with
these surnames were closely associated/intermarried with my Stanley
family who resided in Spartanburg Co., SC (present-day Cherokee Co.) and
later moved into Pendleton District before moving into GA from
1785-early 1800s.  These Stanleys and associates also appear in old
Tryon (Rutherford/Lincoln) Counties, NC records (part of the NC/SC
border dispute area.

I suspect these Browns, Gibsons and Harrises are originally from
Northumberland Co., VA.  The Harrises I'm interested in are probably
From the same Harris family written up in a sketch in "Southern
Historical Families" by Boddie (Vol. 2).

Does any of the above sound familiar?

Donna Sarchet
Plainview, TX

P.S. Your address link on your web page comes back "user unknown."

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