Harris surname - Amy Brown
Subject: Harris surname
From: Amy Brown
Date: December 13, 1998

As a Harris researcher, I have found the surname Harris to be one of the most
frustrating in my family tree, and even more frustrating trying to find
websites with substantial information on Harrises.  About 6 months ago, I
formed the Harris Surname Webring to unite the websites of Harris researchers
worldwide.  There are 39 wonderful websites in the webring that collectively
contain information on thousands of Harrises worldwide. There are websites that
contain information on Harrises from AL, GA, SC, NC, MO, KY, VA, CT, NJ, PA,
MA, NY, KA, IL, IA, SD, NE, OH, MI, England, Australia, Canada, and many more
localities from the 1500s to the 1900s.  My maiden name was Harris, and I can
trace my Harris to 1815 SC, and then I'm stuck.  I hope that this webring can
help some of you break those brick walls!  The URL is
You may also leave your stubborn Harris ancestors for others to find in the
Please note that you can't *join* a webring unless you have a website, but
anyone in the world with Internet access and a web browser can travel the
various sites in a webring by clicking on Next, Prev, List Sites, etc.     If
you go to my Harris Webring page at
http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Flats/4239/harris.html  and click on the
word Next, it will take you another Harris website.  Find the Harris webring on
that website, click on Next, and it will take you to another site, and so on. 
You can also view my Harris information at
Amy Brown   [email protected]  ICQ# 19465528
Heartland Genealogy Society Committee

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