Harper's Magazine for 1850s-70s - Marshall Britt
Subject: Harper's Magazine for 1850s-70s
From: Marshall Britt
Date: February 10, 2000

I was trying to find a particular article in the Harper's Magazine for
somewhere in the 1870's when I notice in Vol 52 an article on
Charleston, SC entitled "Up the Ashley and
Cooper was in it. It gives the page # and also has numberous
illustrations of houses,
and other sites. To go to the page in question, type in the page # in
the page box and it
will come up as the original article was.
Other SC topics might be in some of the other issues. I did not notice
as I was concentrating on another article. But the whole site is
interesting as are the copies of the
original magazines.
The url is one belonging to Cornell Univ. and is

Hope someone gets something of use on this site.

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