HARMON, STOKES - Ginger Hederer
From: Ginger Hederer
Date: January 05, 2000

This information was passed along to me, I now need help finding where to go
From here.  I need to know more on these families.  could somebody please
direct me in the right direction.  Thank you so very much!

Found the following in the 1900 Federal Census of Effingham Township,
County, SC:
Family #132 HARMON, John C./male/Head/Jul 1865
          "        , Mary J./female/Wife/Jun 1863
          "        , William H./male/Son/Jun 1899
  FARMER, Caleb/male/Boarder/Sep 1876
He was the only HARMON in Effingham, in fact, the only one in Florence

There was only one STOKES family in Effingham Township:
Family #87 STOKES, William R./male/Head/No date
       "      , Birdie/female/Wife/Feb 1869
       "      , Girtie/female/Daughter/Dec 1891
       "      , Bell/female/Daughter/Sep 1893
       "      , John G./male/Son/Apr 1896
       "      , Ellen/female/Daughter/May 1898
       "      , Lizzie/female/Daughter/May 1898

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