Hardwick/Kirkland/Price families - LBate18495
Subject: Hardwick/Kirkland/Price families
From: LBate18495
Date: March 03, 1998

          Does anyone in the group have information on the following families.
Benjamin Kirkland d.b.1787 Edgefield District South Carolina. He married a
Winnifred Armstrong. The following children were born in Henry County Alabama.
Mila Henrietta 1830-1907  Mahala 1833 Marina 1837 Martin 1839 Benjamin 1840's.
Mila married Dr. John Edward Price (1826-1898)1846.  Noone knows when the
Price's came to  Alabama, but it was early enough that Dr. Price grew up in
Abbeville Alabama went through the county school system and went to Medical
school opened his practice got married and raised five children andsaw them
get married and have
children. Theparents of Dr. Price were Joseph Price and Hepzibah Mc Crelys. of
Richland County. Ido not know enough about  Dr. Price's family to know who
his siblings or Aunts and uncles were. Perhaps someone can fill in the spaces.
William W. Hardwick was born 1754 in Edgefield District South Carolina, he
died in either Columbia or Lee County Georgia in 1850. he married Mary Jane
Files also of South Carolina.  William was related to the Hardwicks of
Westmoreland County Virginia. His two children I do know about were Elizabeth
Hardwick married Madison Irwin Stringer and John C. Hardwick. Elizabeth was
born 1828-died 1910. John was 1833 died 1902. John C. married Mary Whittle
1859 had three children. If anybody knows anything about these  families
please contact me. Jacob L. Bateman III 3870 Strathmore Drive Montgomery
Alabama. 36116-4614.

God Bless
Le Bateman 
Montgomery, Alabama


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