Re: Hanna's in SC - Leslie Bishop
Subject: Re: Hanna's in SC
From: Leslie Bishop
Date: March 21, 1998

I was reading your information--my Hanna's also come from SC.  I am sending
a couple generations for you to compare.  If you are related--have you seen
Jett Hannah's info?  Have you seen the book House of Hannah?  He thinks it
is not as reliable as some would think. Also he thinks the book  by Rev.
James Hanna, Hanna of Castle Sorbie, 1959 in its early generations lacks
sufficient documentation to warrant complete reliance on its accounts.   
Thanks so much,    Leslie Bishop
	1.  Robert1 Hanna was born in Ulser, Galloway, Scotland.
Notes for Robert Hanna:
Moved first to Wilmington , Deleware

	Children of Robert Hanna are:
+	2	i.	John2 Hanna, born 1717 in Galloway, Scotland, GBR; died August 30,
1765 in Buffles, P. BA.
+	3	ii.	Joseph Hanna.

Generation No. 2
	2.  John2 Hanna (Robert1) was born 1717 in Galloway, Scotland, GBR, and
died August 30, 1765 in Buffles, P. BA.  He married Mary Erwin Abt. 1740.
Notes for John Hanna:
John and Mary Hanna  apear to have settled in or near a Presbyterian Church
called Buffalo, located near modern day Pamplin, Prince Edward County, VA.
on the Buffalo river, probably before 1745. They may have settled in what
was then Lunenburg Co. Va., or may have settled in what was then Amelia
County, Virginia, on land owned by a Robert Hanna.
	Children of John Hanna and Mary Erwin are:
+	4	i.	Robert3 Hanna, born December 10, 1744 in Prince Edward, Va; died
January 24, 1821 in Brookville, Franklin Co. Indiana.
	5	ii.	Jane Hanna.
	3.  Joseph2 Hanna (Robert1).
Notes for Joseph Hanna:
 Said in House of Hanna to be the brother of John. He was supposed to be
the first to go to South Carolina. After John's death,  his wife, son, and
daughter all went to S.C and lived near Joseph.  This is not verified. No
clear record of this Uncle Joseph appears in sources reviewed by this
author that cite reliable evidence. However, there is evidence of a William
Hanna Settling in what is now Laurens County, SC sometime prior to 1766.
This william Hanna appears to have settled relatively close to the modern
location of Rocky Springs Presbyterian Church, just outside of Laurens. 
There is a marker in front of the church saying that it was founded by
"William Hanna". Land grant maps of the area indicate land belonging to a
Robert "Robin" Hanna and widow Mary Hanna close by. information from Jett
	Child of Joseph Hanna is:
	6	i.	John3 Hanna.
Generation No. 3
	4.  Robert3 Hanna (John2, Robert1) was born December 10, 1744 in Prince
Edward, Va, and died January 24, 1821 in Brookville, Franklin Co. Indiana. 
He married Mary Parks Abt. 1765, daughter of James Parks and Mary
"	Children of Robert Hanna and Mary Parks are:
	7	i.	John4 Hanna, born 1768 in SC.  He married Sara Jones Abt. 1795 in SC.
	8	ii.	Robert Hanna, born 1772 in PA.  He married Sara Mowery.
	9	iii.	Joseph Hanna, born 1777 in VA.  He married Sarah Adair Abt. 1805 in
+	10	iv.	Mary Jane Hanna, born April 16, 1766 in Ninety Six, Laurens, S.C.;
died December 16, 1845 in Brookville, Franklin Co. IN..
	11	v.	Margaret Hanna.  She married William Boyd.
Notes for William Boyd:
House of Hanna shows his name to be Byrd not Boyd. However church records
in Laurens SC list a Margaret and William Boyd as members of the Church. 
Duncan Creek Presbyterian Church. The rest of the Hanna family all belonged
to his church, so it makes sense that this is the same Margaret.
	12	vi.	James Hanna.  He married Laird.
Notes for James Hanna:
James did not go with the rest of the family to Indiana.
	13	vii.	Janet Hanna.
	14	viii.	Katherine Hanna.
	15	ix.	David Graem Hanna.
Generation No. 4
	10.  Mary Jane4 Hanna (Robert3, John2, Robert1) was born April 16, 1766 in
Ninety Six, Laurens, S.C., and died December 16, 1845 in Brookville,
Franklin Co. IN..  She married Robert Templeton February 17, 1785 in
Laurens District, S.C., son of David Templeton and Jeanette.
> From: Marie Jefferson 
> To: [email protected]
> Subject: Re: Hanna's in SC
> Date: Saturday, March 14, 1998 9:25 AM
> Patti,
> Hugh Hanna was married to Sarah Burrows.  Hugh Hanna (1759-1842).  He is
> buried  at Hanna Family Cemetery, Vox, where his tombstone reads "
> Francis Marion's Brigade Revolutionary War". Page 120, II C. 10.  
> William Hanna & Elizabeth Barr had a son named John, b. 2 Aug. 1822, d.
> March 1861, Page 19 of II e.
> Found in "The Promised Land" by Elaine Y. Eaddy, 1976(c), reprinted in
> 1991, $35.00 plus $3.00, S & H, from Three Rivers Historical Society,
> Box 811, Hemingway, SC 29554.  The book is about James Eaddy Family in
> South Carolina.  Many other families included.
> I am not selling books but have a copy which some valuable information on
> couple of my lines as my Mother's people came from the Pee Dee Area.  I
> live in GA and joined the Three Rivers Historical Society about 15 years
> ago.
> I can't find another Hugh Hanna listed .
> Marie
> Marie Brunson Jefferson
> [email protected]
> ----------
> > From: jason 
> > To: [email protected]
> > Subject: Hanna's in SC
> > Date: Saturday, March 14, 1998 1:51 AM
> > 
> > Could some one please help me? I am confused over some of the Hanna
> I
> > have found.
> > Just who was Hugh Orsames Hanna's mother? Was it Ann Thompson or Sarah
> > Burrows?
> > Was he married to Elizabeth Barr or was William?
> > 
> > And the other Hanna who arrived on the infamous "Nancy" (hopefully he
> a
> > passenger and not the master). Does he have any connection to Hugh
> I
> > have both lines, one on my mothers and the other on my Dad's. (Talk
> > inbreeding).
> > 
> > 
> > Patti Hanna-Thompson
> > [email protected]
> > 
> > 

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