Hanna - jason
Subject: Hanna
From: jason
Date: March 14, 1998

Dear Marie; Thanks for the input. My grandmother also has that very same
book "The Promised Land - The James Eaddy family". Did you know that a Mr.
Vanik Eaddy is in the process of revamping that book with current and
corrected data? His e-mail is [email protected] if you need to add any
info. Also a web page www2.msstate.edu/`eaddy/

About the Hanna's. On my mother side she has a Sarah Burroughs Hanna
married to John Hanna.  His parents were listed as William Hanna and
Elizabeth Barr (which you have).
But when I have tried to research Elizabeth Barr's family, I get confused.
There is a listing of an Elizabeth Kirpatrick Barr married to Hugh O.
Hanna. Do you thing Hugh and William were brothers? One source said yes,
the other no. One said the Elizabeths were aunt and niece. Then  who were
William's parents? We do know that Hugh was a Jr. and so that is easily
solved.  I have several Hugh Sr.'s married to Sarah Burrows, Ann Thompson
and another Elizabeth Barr?????,

Patti Hanna-Thompson
[email protected]

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