RE: Hamburg, SC - John C Rigdon
Subject: RE: Hamburg, SC
From: John C Rigdon
Date: March 04, 1998

In the early to mid 1800's Hamburg was a thriving community just across
the Savannah river from Augusta, GA.  There is an extensive section of
the "History of Edgefield County" by Chapman dedicated to Hamburg.  The
Charleston railroad ended at Hamburg, (at the time thelongest railroad in
the world) and the freight was offloaded and ferried across the Savannah
River.  Even once the technology allowed building a railroad bridge
across the river, politics kept the railroad stopped for about 20 years.

One of the first things Jeff Davis did when assuming the presidency was
to order the building of a bridge across the river - opening up
Hadleyville (Atlanta) and points west to the railroad.  Subsequently
Hamburg died.  There are no surviving buildings from the town today, just
a sign on the Jeff Davis Memorial Highway, a railway company called
Hamburg Industries, and Schultz Hill Cemetery named after a prominent and
colorful character who "ran" the town.

There is some debate as to whether Hamburg was named for Hamburg, Germany
by Mr. Schultz, or after the fact that it was built on the site of the
Samuel Hammond Plantation. (I'm biased towards the Samuel Hammond story
as he was there first and "them's my peoples."

John Rigdon

John Rigdon

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