Re: Hamburg - Joyce McManus
Subject: Re: Hamburg
From: Joyce McManus
Date: March 16, 2000

You're correct, Beth!   John Rigdon put a wonderful little article on one of
our lists when I had asked about it because on one of the censuses from
Edgefield Co. showed McManuses living in that twnshp.  It was just this side
of the Savannah River up on a hill
a little further down (or up) from where present day North Augusta is.   If
anyone is interested I will try to find that article.  I had a hard drive
crash and am not sure it is still on my e-mail.
      Joyce   [email protected]
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From: Elizabeth Hemingway 
Sent: Thursday, March 16, 2000 5:13 PM
Subject: Re: Hamburg

 Hamburg was in what is not present day N. Augusta, Aiken Co.  It would
> have been Edgefield County in 1850 and I have seen census records with
> Hamburg Twp on them.
> Beth

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