Re: Hamburg - JIM MOORE
Subject: Re: Hamburg
Date: March 17, 2000

Thanks, Thurston, but I'm not sure what your point is, unless you're trying to suggest
my facts are incorrect.   (They aren't.)
I don't see what relevance the fact that a road in Charleston is named after a
locomotive has on Hamburg or the railroad which served it...
The South Carolina Railroad/Best Friend of Charleston information I furnished is quite
"VALID", as anyone who had to study SC history in 8th grade could tell you.    If YOU
would like to "check", visit this site for a brief history of the company and the
For the sake of the list, let's not belabor this issue further.    It has nothing to
do with geneaology; if anyone feels the need to discuss the subject further, feel free
to contact me privately.

Thurston Estes wrote:

> There is a road in Charleston which was a RR bed.  The name of the road is:BEST
> FRIEND ROAD, which may or may not help clearify matters.  You could probably check
> with Charleston Historical Society and get VALID info;
> Regards,
> Thurston G. Estes
> JIM MOORE wrote:
> > Loy:
> >     Please understand that I do not wish to start a public arguement, but I feel
> > your information concerning Hamburg is misleading, and needs re-thinking.
> > Your location of Hamburg is too limiting; perhaps a visit to the bottom lands
> > back toward the  Savannah River would demonstrate the development of the area
> > not east of the highway, but west, along the river bank where, at least some
> > years ago, were the evidence of at least a half-dozen streets, Market Street
> > being the first in, paralleling the river.  I believe you'd discover the bulk of
> > Hamburg was in that area.    There were at least 45-50 houses west of the
> > railroad tracks, and perhaps a couple of dozen east of where the tracks and US 1
> > are, but by the river, not at the site of  Hamburg Industries and its neighbor
> > to the north, Augusta Concrete Block.    They're located at the foot of Schultz'
> > Hill, named for the founder of Hamburg.    (Which is not to say there wasn't
> > some habitation there; I don't know.)
> >     Also, Hamburg was the terminus of the South Carolina Railroad, not "The Best
> > Friend Express", which, on January 15, 1831, placed in service the first
> > locomotive to haul a train of cars in regular service on an American
> > railroad.    This locomotive was "The Best Friend of Charleston".    You've sort
> > of combined the two, and I've never heard the term "Express" in conjunction with
> > either.    In any event, the rail yard was just north of the river, and just
> > east of where US 1 presently is, certainly not a half mile inland.
> > Respectfully,
> > A North Augustan in Northern Virginia
> >
> > P.S.:    Bouy:    I checked my copy of the 1841 "City Advertiser" (Read "City
> > Directory") for Augusta, which included Hamburg.    Your folks weren't there,
> > then, so apparently Wm H. Greene wasn't a resident of  Hamburg before he married
> > that same year and they must've come down later.    For what it's worth, they're
> > not listed in the 1850 Edgefield census at
> >
> > either.
> > JCM
> >
> > Loy Mitchell wrote:
> >
> > > Hamburg was in Edgefield County during your time period.  It is presently
> > > located down river from North Augusta, SC on the opposite side of US Highway
> > > #1....Augusta Concret Block and TTX Hamburg Industries are presently located
> > > on the spot where the old town sat near the river.  This was the ending
> > > point of the "Best Friend Express" the first railroad from Charleston to the
> > > Savannah River (Hamburg).  It was once a very vibrant town of settlers and
> > > an important it is nothing but commercial holdings.
> > >
> > > -----Original Message-----
> > > From: Bouy Peeples 
> > > To: [email protected] 
> > > Date: Thursday, March 16, 2000 3:25 PM
> > > Subject: Hamburg
> > >
> > > >Does anyone know how to find out in which coulnty Hamburg, SC would have
> > > been in in 1850?  I assumed Edgefield but cannot find the family.  I am
> > > looking for Wm. H. Greene and his wife Georgia Ann B. Ioor Greene and their
> > > two daughters Eloise Tucker Greene and Anna Louisa Greene.  It is possible
> > > that he may have been dead by then in which case the wife and daughters
> > > would have most likely gone back upstate.  Is the entire 1850 Census for SC
> > > on line somewhere?  Or could anyone that has a private copy of that census
> > > look and see if they can be found.  I have Colleton and Beaufort and have
> > > read every page and they are not there.  What would be the corresponding
> > > county in GA. if they were across the state line and would that be on line.
> > > >Thanks for any suggestions.  This man has been a total brick wall and other
> > > than the marriage notice there is no finding Wm. H. Greene who married in
> > > 1841 in upstate SC.
> > > >Bouy
> > > >
> > > >

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