Re: HALLMAN Family in Alabama - Melba J Clark
Subject: Re: HALLMAN Family in Alabama
From: Melba J Clark
Date: May 03, 2000

One of my cousins (of some degree) has a Hallman family in her line.  I will
pass on your offer to her if it's ok with you.  She was going on a trip and
it may be a while before she gets back to doing research again but I'm sure
she will want to check with you about her Hallman line.
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Date: Wednesday, May 03, 2000 9:57 PM
Subject: HALLMAN Family in Alabama

>Many HALLMANs from South Carolina migrated into Alabama.  I have the book,
>"Hallman and Related Families in America," by Isaac P. Hallman.  If you're
>not familiar with the book, it lists descendants of the three grandsons of
>John Wendell Hallman, and is 1070 pages long, with index.  It is a
>work, and is accurate as far as my husband's line.  If you have the book,
>we're on page 571, #1f-4e-3e.  If you don't have the book and send me some
>names, I'll be happy to check for you.  Just flipping through, I see
>Tuscaloosa, Cordova, Adamsville, Hueytown, Ashland, Bessemer, Gardendale,
>Pinson, Odenville, Dallas, just to name a few!
>I'll be happy to share whatever I can.  Let me hear from you.
>Lynn A. Hallman
><< L. A.
> Do you have research on the Hallman family?  If so, were any of them in
> Jefferson Co., AL?    If so, I'd be interested in comparing some info.
> Melba
>  >>

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