HALLMAN Family in Alabama - Pridelin
Subject: HALLMAN Family in Alabama
From: Pridelin
Date: May 03, 2000


Many HALLMANs from South Carolina migrated into Alabama.  I have the book, 
"Hallman and Related Families in America," by Isaac P. Hallman.  If you're 
not familiar with the book, it lists descendants of the three grandsons of 
John Wendell Hallman, and is 1070 pages long, with index.  It is a wonderful 
work, and is accurate as far as my husband's line.  If you have the book, 
we're on page 571, #1f-4e-3e.  If you don't have the book and send me some 
names, I'll be happy to check for you.  Just flipping through, I see 
Tuscaloosa, Cordova, Adamsville, Hueytown, Ashland, Bessemer, Gardendale, 
Pinson, Odenville, Dallas, just to name a few!

I'll be happy to share whatever I can.  Let me hear from you.

Lynn A. Hallman

<< L. A.
 Do you have research on the Hallman family?  If so, were any of them in
 Jefferson Co., AL?    If so, I'd be interested in comparing some info.

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