From: Msgcooper
Date: August 21, 1998

Sorry to re-post this messge, but mine was the "no subject" yesterday, and I
know how everyone relies on those subject lines - I know I do!!

Regarding the two or three messages posted recently regarding Fenton Hall,
Nathaniel Hall and other Halls in SC,   I am assuming this is the Fenton Hall
I understand is mentioned in "Historical Southern Families" by Bodie, which
documents the migration of the family (Fenton Hall, his brothers Nathaniel and
John and sister, Sarah Hall De Jarnette) to the Lee Shoals area of Rocky
River, Pendleton District, now Anderson County, SC.  This is also referenced
in the Bannister/Lattimer DeJarnette/Tucker Genealogy which is located at the
Anderson County Library.  This Fenton Hall (the first, I think, in a family in
which the name repeats often) was born 1746 in Halifax City VA, m Hannah
Brown, and died 1817 in Anderson, SC.  Anyone researching this family line (or
any Hall line) would be interested in the following url:

I just recently discovered my Hall line and took the time to go through all
the pages available there, looking for my g grandmother, DICIA HALL (m Henry
J. PHILLIPS) b. 7Mar1855 and her parents, "Wash" Hall and Mary Smith, and I
found a ton of info for Halls in S.C.

Happy hunting,
[email protected]

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