Haddons of Abbeville SC - Jane McCombs Gillespie
Subject: Haddons of Abbeville SC
From: Jane McCombs Gillespie
Date: September 27, 1998

I have a ABRAM HADDON  1821-1864 who married HANNAH BRYSON MCCOMB  1821-1869
.. they are buried at Lindsay Cemetery in Due West SC.. I have Abram as son
of a John Haddon Sr (died c 1836)  and ? mother.. with sibs of Joseph,
Zachriah, Sally and Jane..

While checking the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Marriage & Death Database
on www.ancestry.com I saw several references to Haddons and was wondering if
any of them might tie into my Haddons from Due West Abbeville area.

Jan 15 1868 a John Haddon Jr (age 51) was killed by falling log .. he was
son of John Haddon Sr .. Jr was born in Due west SC and had moved to Tippah
Co MS.. was married to former Elizabeth martin daughter of James Martin of
Due West..

Harvey Martin Haddon died Oct 20 1871 age of 19 in Union Co MS.. son of late
John Haddon born in Abbeville..

Oct 16 1886 at her home near Antreville Mrs Jane H Haddon, wife of John T
Haddon died.. she was born in Ireland ..moved to this county in infancy..
settled in Abbeville County near Greenwood .. early life connected with Rock
Church later member of Little Mountain..

Anyone know of a connection with any of these to Abram Haddon??

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Jane McCombs Gillespie

Researching McComb/McCombs in SC
Hopewell Presbyterian in McCormick County  SC
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