H E L P!!! Re: Wilkins - Brenda Hudson
Subject: H E L P!!! Re: Wilkins
From: Brenda Hudson
Date: September 12, 1999

I am posting this to every mailing list to which I am subscribed in the
hopes that somewhere out there someone will know something about one of
the individuals I am seeking.  So, if you are like me and subscribe to
more than one list, I apologize because you will be getting this message
more than once.  If you have already been contacted by me in the past
requesting this same information, I apologize for bothering you again.
But I AM DESPERATE!!!!  My paternal grandfather and his family - if he
even had one- are the culprits who are responsibility for my
insanity!!!  I will try to be brief.

My grandfather's name was John William WILKINS.  He was born in approx
1878.  He died in 1927 in either Bossier Parish or  Webster Parish, LA
(either in Benton, Rocky Mount, Plain Dealing, Ivan, etc.).  He is
buried in the Rocky Mount Presbyterian Cemetery in Rocky Mount, LA.  I
contacted the State of LA for a copy of his death certificate or
whatever form they used to record deaths in 1927.  They show nothing on
John William Wilkins,and they checked all the years from 1900-1929.
This man died here, my father who was 7 years old at the time watched
his father die.  I have seen the grave and the headstone, and I know he
died here.  So, I am very disappointed that it was a dead end and very
frustated because I don't know where to go next.  That death information
was all I had on my grandfather.  And now that is a dead end.  The SSDI
isn't an option because he died in 1927 and Social Security wasn't
activated until the mid 1930's, I believe.  Here is the very little I
know about this man and his family:
John William Wilkins born in about 1878, possibly in Chattooga County,
GA.  He had the following siblings that I know of, there may have been
more:  Dock/Doc Wilkins (this may be a nickname, not his real name - I
don't know), Pete Wilkins, Ernie Wilkins or Ernest Wilkins.  Ernie or
Ernest Wilkins may have been born in Tennessee, again I don't know.  I
do not know these boy's parents names or where they come from.  Ernie or
Ernest Wilkins lived in Bossier Parish, I can remember going to his
house as a small child with my Daddy.  Ernie died in the mid 1960's here
in Bossier Parish.  He was marred to Josephine ? Wilkins.  Pete Wilkins
is just a name to me, to my knowledge I have never seen or met him, but
I don't believe he lived in this area, possibly not even in Louisiana.
Doc/Dock Wilkins did not live in Louisiana in 1927 when his brother,
John William, died because Daddy says they had to send for "Uncle Doc"
and told him he needed to hurry if he wanted to get here before his
brother died.  Eventually, he ended up here, I don't know if he was dead
or alive when he got here, all I know is that he is buried in the Rocky
Mount Presbyterian Church next to his brother John William Wilkins.
According to the Rocky Mount Presbyterian Cemetery Book (which I have a
copy of by the way and will be glad to look up any names if you will
email me personally), "Doc" Wilkins wife is buried in Arkansas.  I don't
know her name nor do I know where in Arkansas she is buried.  John
William Wilkins married Mary Lorene Lockey, who had lived since birth in
Bossier Parish, LA, sometime before 1904.  Once again, no records exist
in the State of LA of their marriage.  John William Wilkins and Mary
Lorene Lockey had the following children, all born in the Bossier
Parish/Webster Parish, LA area:  Huey Wilkins (my Daddy called him
"Dick", don't know why- married Nannie Burt and lived all his life and
died in Bossier Parish, LA), Johnnie Hall Wilkins (went by John Hall -
married Mary Elizabeth Crook "Aunt Tee"-he worked for and retired from
the Bossier City Police Dept) and he lived his life and died in Bossier
Parish, LA; Cornealius Robert Edward Wilkins (we called him "Connie", he
married Patsy Craton and lived/died in Bossier Parish LA); Jessie Lorene
Wilkins married Archie Avery Crawford and spent the rest of her life in
the Dallas Texas area and died there; Annie Belle Wilkins married Henry
Patterson and lived in Bossier Parish, LA until she died in the early
1950's with a brain tumor; J.W. Wilkins (my father) married Lillian
Geraldine Methvin in 1949, he lives in Bossier City LA and is retired
From the Bossier City Police Dept.  He is the baby of that family and
it's only survivor.  He was born in 1919 and will be 80 years old on Oct
22 of this year, if he makes it that long.  He has been given 6 months
or less to live and that was a month ago.

If anyone out there has ever heard of any of these people or has access
to birth records or census records and has the time to check and see if
any of my family shows up on any records anywhere, I would be very
grateful.  They could be from anywhere and have lived anywhere.  I just
have no idea where to start and I am out of places to look unless anyone
can suggest somewhere else I can check.  As I said earlier, I have been
told that John William Wilkins was possibly born in Chattooga Co.GA and
Ernie Wilkins may have been born in TN.  Thanks for at least listening
to me vent my frustrations!!  Believe me, I am ready to start checking
with other planets to find them, cause I am about ready to admit they
aren't from Earth!!

Thank you,

Brenda Wilkins Hudson

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