Ezekiel CRAFT & Archiles CRAFT - Ernest Wood
Subject: Ezekiel CRAFT & Archiles CRAFT
From: Ernest Wood
Date: February 26, 1998

Ezekiel CRAFT is my GGGG-GF.  Ezekiel and Archiles CRAFT are listed in the
section, "Inhabitants of Mississippi, Heads of Families, Taxable Property,
Madision County, M.T.-Early Inhabitants of the Natchez District by Gillis.

	Neither Ezekiel or Archiles CRAFT are listed in the Federal Land
Series, Vol. 9, 1788-1810.

	In the Squattersı Census of January, 1809, Ezekiel CRAFT
(misspelled CLAP in that record) is listed as follows:
1 male over 21		1 female over 21
4 males under 21	5 females under 21.

	Register of Applications & Permissions in Madison County, M. T.
Vol. 65, page 499, 24 February, 1809
Name                    No.   Date of Application  Location       Acres Date
Ezekiel Craft	219	30 Jan. 1809	  Allereds Creek	320	 9 Feb.
							  Range 1-E-4, Tıship 3

	Archiles Craft applied for pension 23 Oct. 1833, Perry Co. Kentucky
born in News Co., N. C., 25 Dec., 1749; Entered service first time 1780 at
Brier Creek, Wilkes Co., N. C.  Disch.  at Bellıs Branch in 1781, near
Saulsberry, N. C.

	Archiles Craft appears on 1784-87 State Census of N. C.:
1 m 21-60;	 3 f all ages, Wilkes Co.

	1790 Census Wilkes Co. Chilus CRAFT
1 m to 45; 3 m to 10; 1 f to 45; 1 f to 10; 1 f to 16.

	1807:  Archiles Craft proved on oath two deeds of conveyance,
Clairborne Co. TN.

	24 December, 1812  Archiles Craft was appointed Constable in
Madison Co., M. T.

	Archelaus CRAFT was living in Cotaco (now Morgan) Co., AL and
established in Morgan Co. At his residence.

	Benjamin Glover GLOVER and Ezekiel Craft were friends most of there
lives living in close proximity in from about 1774 in Wilkes Co. N. C.
And later in Madison Co., M. T..  It is interesting to note that in 1783
Benjamin filed a Bastardy bond in behalf of Elizabeth ADAMS, later the wife
of  Archelaus CRAFT; and that the first child of this couple was named

More later
Ernest Mason Wood

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