Ezekiel and Tallitha (Graham) GASKINS - Donna Witt
Subject: Ezekiel and Tallitha (Graham) GASKINS
From: Donna Witt
Date: May 05, 1998


I know that several people on the list have made query's concerning
Ezekiel and Tallitha (Graham) GASKINS.  A cousin sent me a
email copy of their wills that I'd like to share.  Tallitha was Ezekiel's
second wife, first wife still unknown(see difference in children's names
From each will).  I have left mis-spellings, ect. intact.

Donna Witt
[email protected]


I EZEKIAL GASKINS of the State of South Carolina and Destrict of Kerfhaw
beinge halth and sound memory Calinge to mind the mortality of my Boday ad
Knowinge all men has to die  I doe make and ordaine this my Laste will and
testament that is princapally and firste of all I Recommend my Soul into the
hands of the Almighty god whom gave it and my Boday to the Earth to beried in
a desent manner at the Disscretion of my Exectors nout doutinge but at the
General resurrection I shall Recieve the Saime Again by the mighty Power of
god and as touchinge such worldy Estate where with it has pleasd god to blefs
me with in this life I give and devise an Expose in the followinge mannar and
form firste I lend to my wife Tallitha Gaskins all my House hold & Kitchen
furniture and choice of one of the horses and stock of Sheep and foure Cows &
Calves & two beath cattle and my stock of hogs and my negroe woman dinah to
the day of her death or Marage then to be Eqully devideid to tween her Seven
Children  I likewise give to my Daugher Cathran Macullaster five shillings to
her & her heirs for ever likewise I give to my Son Samuel Gaskins five
shillings to him & his heirs for Ever I like wise Give to my Son Vinson
Gaskins heirs fiver Shillings to them & ther heirs for Ever I like wise give
to my sons Ezekel Gaskins heirs five shillings heirs five Shillings to them &
their heirs for Ever I likewise give to my Daughter Charity Kennedy five
Shillings to her & her heirs for Ever I likewise give to my Daughter Maith
Gaskins five shillings to her & heirs for Ever the Ballance of my land that is
not gave away it is my Desire that it shall Equally davided be twixt my three
Sons John & Thomas & Darlings and their heirs for Ever I likewise leave all my
Slaves and all the Reste of my Estate to be kept to gather and  Improved by by
my Executors until Darlings is eighteen years olde then all my Estate to be
sold and the money to be Equally devided between my Seven Children Daniel
David Dennis John & Margret & Thomas & Darlings  Also I Apinte Daniel Gaskins
and my wife Tallitha Gaskins my hole and Sole Executers to this my laste will
and Testament and doe here unto set my hand and seal this 22 february 1810 and
in the thirtieh fifth yeare of the Independance of Americk

                                               Ezekel   X     Gaskins

Wm Bracey
Robert Williams
Benny King
Recorded in Will Book C, page 31 (81?)
recorded  march 10, 1812
Ord. John Doby
Apt.25, Pkg-915  (916?)

KERSHAW-DISTRICT}  in the name of god amen  I Tillitha Gaskin being weake and
low in boddy but in sound and perfect mind memory and understanding do make
publish and pronoun_.and Declare this to bee and Contain my last will and
testament by me at any time made and executed and declare this to be and
Contain my last will and testament first I Recommend my Sole to god who gave
it and my boddy to the earth to be desently Buried at the Discreasion of my
executor herein after named and my worldly estate after payment and
sattisfaction of all my just debts and funeral expences I give and bequeath as
follows thats to say I give and bequeath to my son Daniel Gaskin one Dollar  I
give and bequeath to my son David Gaskin one dollar I give and bequeath to my
Daughter Margaret Coats one dollar I give and bequeath to my son John Gaskin
one dollar I give and bequeath to my son Thomas Gaskin one dollar. I give and
bequeath to my grand daughter Mesurah Gaskin my bed and firniture lastly I
give and bequeath to my son Darlin Gaskin all the ballance of my worldly
estate I do Consitute and apoint Arch. McDowell my executor to this my last
will and testament to which I have set my hand seal this nineteenth day of
March in the year our lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty nine----
Signed sealed published and declared by the testator to bee and Contain her
last will and testament who in her presants and each other at her Request Sub-
our names witnfess theirto
                             Tillitha     X       Gaskin    (seal)

James L.M.Dowell
Arch. E(N?) Dowell Junr.
Abraham Young

Recorded on Will Book A page 6
Recorded Aug. 27, 1840
J.W.Baskin ?? (Ord?)
Apt.?? Pkg???  (unreadable)

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