Re: Excuse Me! For Asking.... - Joan Caldwell Ball
Subject: Re: Excuse Me! For Asking....
From: Joan Caldwell Ball
Date: July 13, 1998

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Since the day I joined this list in search of my ancesters I have
thought what a delightful, helpful group y'all are. Now I find that a
person can do one thing you disapprove of and you're ready to leap with
a quickness instead of stopping to be thankful for all that person
contributes to the list. How many have used Steve's research free of
charge? I have. I live in Florida and can't get to the SC archives so
I'm thankful for all the information I can get. Thanks for letting me
have my say.
                 Joan Ball



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Subject: Re: Excuse Me! For Asking....
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Hey Janet:

	Don't hold back - just say what you want or have to say to people like Steve, it never
bothers them, crass commercialism is their shield.

Another who likes for the truth to be up front and I can handle the truth....

Edward Breland             [email protected]

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