re: everything - Sspunk
Subject: re: everything
From: Sspunk
Date: May 12, 1999

I wish someone would help me find my Baker's with SUCH  fire.
As such I have recieved no responses.  I must conclude that many folks are on 
a QUEST to see who can publish what when and FIRST.  I personally don't care. 
Take it to each other and NOT the rest of us. I am not about to take sides. I 
have enough trouble without it. I am fed up with folk who think their "S@%$ 
don't stink". I have had folks ignore my requests, tell me 'i'll send it out 
in the morning' , I don't count since my last name isn't " ".  yeeeesh.
I started doing this myself 2 years ago. Not to publish anything, just 
because I wanted to find out. I've had fun doing it. BAKER is my mother's 
maiden name. She came from Illinois. They came from SC. GEE, I'D LIKE TO FIND 
OUT WHERE in SC they came from.......Do you think that is possible ???  NOT 
if everyone is screaming at each other in an open forum about something else.
I guess all I ask is for the 2 of you to TAKE it somewhere ELSE. PLEASE ?
  How about a SEPERATE forum for it ? I imagine that others might have an 
opinion also, that way we can keep this one open for what it's here for?
One last try.
 m1 SALEY THORN b?  NC  m 10/22/1800 Richmond Co NC 

[email protected]
 [email protected] (DEDICATED to Southern Illinois BAKER's)

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