Evan Morgan - Ann Turk
Subject: Evan Morgan
From: Ann Turk
Date: October 09, 1998


I am part of the Texas Ellis County Morgans who are descended from Evan
Morgan of South Carolina.
Evan Morgan, SC
 Enos Morgan., SC, Tenn, Mo.
   Martin Morgan, SC, Tenn, Mo
     Jefferson Morgan Mo, Ellis County,Texas

Jefferson along with his brother William Morgan came to Ellis County,
Texas in 1853 along with their first cousin Evan Morgan who was also a
grandson of Enos.

There are several distant Morgan cousins on the internet who have been
pooling information for sometime.  Recently, I have been searching the
SC records for information on Evan and Enos.  However, our current
mystery is documentation on the parents of Evan.  Do you have any?  I
have been searching old church records, but have yet to turn up the
information that really ties our line on back to Abel.

Would very much like to share information on the Morgan line.  I have
many old pictures and old letters starting  about 1860 in Missouri.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Ann Turk in Texas
[email protected]

PS.  Please use the address written above rather than the
[email protected]

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