Re: Esther Dubose - Fgourdin
Subject: Re: Esther Dubose
From: Fgourdin
Date: April 22, 1999

Bob:  Do not publicize this, but our cousin, Virginia Gourdin can reel all
of this off the top of her head!  she used to do all the checking and
"passing" for the Huguenot Society.  Her address is:  Miss Virginia Gourdin
#14 Tradd St.  Charleston, 29401   Tell her "Felicia" told you to write her
(she'll kill me!)  Don't forget that SASE (and EXTRA postage---she writes
volumes).  Felicia Gourdin
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From: Robert D. Brooke 
To: [email protected] 
Date: Wednesday, April 21, 1999 10:40 AM
Subject: Esther Dubose

After "lurking" for some time, this is my first attempt to learn more
>about my GGGGG Grandmother, Esther Dubose, who was married to my GGGGG
>Grandfather, Andrew Rembert (1717-1775).
>My Remberts were associated with St. James Parish, Santee, Craven
>County, SC. Esther is the only Dubose I presently know of  from whom I
>am directly descended, but there was a *lot* of intermarriage between
>the Remberts and the DuBoses, and the following, I feel confidant,
>will provide a clue to Esther's close family/parents. Some of the
>I'm somewhat sure, are relatives of Esther.
>Daniel Dubose, married to Anne Royer, daughter of Pierre Royer and
>Anne Rembert, (b about 1686). Anne is the daughter of Andre Rembert,
>Daniel Dubose, married to Anne Rembert, daughter of Pierre Rembert (b
>about 1691) and Jeanne ?. Pierre Rembert is the son of Andre Rembert,
>(Since Pierre Rembert and Anne Rembert were siblings, Anne Royer and
>Anne Rembert were first cousins. Was the Daniel Dubose they each
>married the same person, or were there two Daniel Duboses?)
>Isaac Dubose (1693-1742) married Madelaine Rembert (About
>( Madelaine Rembert was another daughter of Andre Rembert, so she was
>the aunt of both Anne Rembert and Anne Royer, and therefore the
>aunt-in-law to Daniel/Daniel) I believe it very plausible that her
>husband Isaac Dubose was some relation to Daniel/Daniel).
>Isaac and Madelaine had two children that I know of. Isaac Dubose, Jr.
>and Madelaine Dubose. Madelaine Dubose married a Peter Dubose. There
>were probably other children of Isaac and Madelaine besides their
>namesakes, and probably Isaac Jr and Madelaine Jr had children.
>Elias Dubose, Captain (b est1732-1752)
>Ezekial Dubose (1772-1819), Elias' son. Ezekial Dubose married Mary
>Rembert (1781-1817). Mary was the great grandniece of both Pierre
>Rembert and Anne Rembert, because her GG Grandfather was Andre
>Rembert, Pierre and Anne's father.
>Well, that's all I know about these Dubose people, and I'm sure you
>are all saying "Thank God", because it certainly is confusing. It took
>me over an hour to type this message, trying to figure out myself the
>relationships of all these Duboses and Remberts who married kin.
>I'm hopeful one of you recognizes a Dubose name or two, and might
>give me a clue as to where Esther fits in.
>Thank you in advance.
>Bob Brooke

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