Eskew family tree - Vickie Stewart
Subject: Eskew family tree
From: Vickie Stewart
Date: March 19, 2001

Posted on: The SCRoots Forum
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Surname: Eskew

Dear Monica: My mother's maiden name is Eskew. My grandfather, Ullas Cary
Eskew (or maybe Uslysses Cary Eskew) lived in Humboldt, Tennessee and had
some relatives there. He must have been born around 1878 and moved to Dayton,
Ohio as an adult. His father might have been Charles Eskew. His brothers
were named Bose Eskew, Erin Eskew (or maybe Aaron Eskew), and Sam Eskew.
Ullas married Katherine Le Emma Herren (spelling of Herren unsure) from
Peachtree Street in Atlanta, GA. probably around 1910 or so.

I just started looking into this, and I would appreciate any thoughts you
may have on this.

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