Re: Equire - Le Bateman
Subject: Re: Equire
From: Le Bateman
Date: February 17, 2000

Actually the Word is Old French esquier, escuier, comes from Latin scutarius
it means shield bearer the Latin root is scutum. It was used to refer to a
knight's attendant or one training for knighthood. Same as squire. English
gentry below a knight. Today it used for Mr.
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From: "Jan Neal" 
Sent: Thursday, February 17, 2000 7:50 PM
Subject: Equire

 G. Moore:
> Esquire is an old  English term that is placed after the name of an
> attorney.  It is still in use today, but many attorneys are moving away
> from its use.  The term can also just be a title appended to a man's
> surname as a formal way to address a letter.  I think it was used more
> commonly for this purpose in the past.  An attorney can be either a lawyer
> or attorney-in-fact under a power of attorney naming another to act on
> behalf.  Hope this helps.
> Jan, Esq.

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