Re: Enough already? - Steven J. Coker
Subject: Re: Enough already?
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: October 31, 1998


There are usually a few who complain about long or serialized publishing.  Don't
worry about the complaints.  They should not be complaining to you anyway.  All
comments and complaints about Forum operations should be sent directly to the
Forum Manager.  These instructions are given in the Forum policy statements and
in the footers of each Forum message.

As long as the material is on-topic for the Forum, you are welcome to publish it
in the Forum.  You can't please everyone.  Some subscribers would prefer fewer
messages.  Some ask for more.  Some prefer shorter messages.  Some don't care
about length.  Etc., etc.

I've only received one comment about your postings from the many hundreds of
subscribers who have received them in the DuBose and SCRoots forums.  So, my
conclusion is more people want them than don't want them.

Just use your best judgement and publish the way that you think is best.  If you
help a few and irritate a few, then it was a job well done.  The irritation
quickly goes away.  The help may last forever.

Steven James Coker
Coker Forum Manager, [email protected]
DuBose Forum Manager, [email protected]
SCRoots Forum Manager, [email protected]

> RE: Whether to post "Incidents" on this list.
> I'd like to thank this list for your patience and support.  I have
> posted to 5 lists, all at the express invitation of the listowners.  To
> date, I've received over 500 emails; only one--below--was not
> supportive....

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