Re: Enoree Church - James Goodman
Subject: Re: Enoree Church
From: James Goodman
Date: April 20, 1998

Steve, I know it's not your job to teach us how to use our computers; but
since this seems to be of importance to the forum, would you run a brief
description of how cutting the verbage is done.  I haven't been able to
figure it out and to tell the truth I am becoming so scared of screwing up
when I send something to the forum that I don't very often send anything.  I
know that's my problem, as well as not being too sharp with computers yet.
But, I just wanted you to know that us fainting lillies are out here, just
watching, and trying to learn "the business". Thanks for all you do.  Riki
[email protected]

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From: Steven J. Coker 
To: [email protected] 
Date: Sunday, April 19, 1998 6:02 PM
Subject: Re: Enoree Church

When you send replies to the Forum please edit and minimize quoting from
>original message.
>Please don't quote taglines.  Its "excess" information that should be
edited out
>before the message is sent.  Excessive quoting makes the archives larger
>makes searching the archives slower and less productive.
>Thanks for understanding,
>Steve Coker
>SCRoots Forum Manager
>Louise B. Heffner wrote:

 Enoree Church is located in Greenville,Greenville County,S.C. I can look
>[Remainder Edited For Brevity]

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