Re: English usage; or Venting? - Janet Jilote
Subject: Re: English usage; or Venting?
From: Janet Jilote
Date: May 11, 2000

I threaten to publish my genealogy!

You should see the looks I get from some family members when
I tell them some of my finds. Some family members change
color when they hear the facts (color is not always shades
of black or white, sometimes it is BLUE!). Some people just
prefer denial, or 'selective memory'! I seek the truth...
that's all.

I know that Uncle John Doe was not the first drunk in the
family (maybe it's a disease?), and that several women died
From ovarian cancer (genetically predisposed?). I find that
I no longer limit myself to being just my parent's child,
but a collection of many drops of blood, many stories, many
connections. I'm part of the Human Family.

When I'm told I'm crazy.... I say I can prove that I'm not
the first "crazy" person in the family! I love this.
Genealogy makes it easier for me to accept myself and
others. When a person acts superior to others I think to
myself that they just haven't done their genealogy yet! I
can't change the past and that is a way of life for me now.
I can do my best in the present, and hopefully, sometime in
the future someone will be thankful that they had an old
crazy relative that liked genealogy!

Janet Nielson Jilote

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