Re: English usage - VIKKI
Subject: Re: English usage
Date: May 05, 2000

Well I too have .02 cents worth.  Our rootsweb lists are for genealogy not
for correcting peoples spelling.  I myself consider it to be rude and a lack
of class to publicly humiliate anyone by correcting them on a list or at all
for that pencils all still have erasers.

not spell checker used

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From: ken robinson 
Sent: Friday, May 05, 2000 1:08 PM
Subject: English usage

 Janet has it right.  People need to be less testy, aggrieved, and
defensive.  No one intends to misspell or misspeak or miswrrite.  That's why
they're called accidents.
> Now, if we can all agree that "cemetery" no A,  "grammar" has no E, and
just as "hers" and "his" have no apostrophe,  "its" has no apostrophe if
it's used as a possessive pronoun, as the wagon train had "its" own
> Ken Robinson           [email protected]

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