Re: English usage - Melba J Clark
Subject: Re: English usage
From: Melba J Clark
Date: May 08, 2000

At the risk of getting into a debate,  books cost money to print, and a lot
of the non-researching persons in the family are always asking for a book.
Some who print books only ask for cost.  That is sometimes the only way they
could finance the printing.    One author from whom I purchased a book (a
very large, archival paper, hard-back volume) charged only about 1/2 of the
final printing cost and did not want additional payment.  It is a beautiful
well written book with photos, very exact documentation, and lots of
experiences and stories that make the history of the family.  I, for one,
appreciate the "labor of love" that the author did.
Melba in AL

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From: **D** 
To: [email protected] 
Date: Monday, May 08, 2000 9:14 AM
Subject: Re: English usage

>  You mentioning a "book on your family" brings to mind another question.
>What is up with all the books being written?  Are people doing this for
>money?  Silly girl......of course.....oh great, now genealogy has me
>answering my own questions.
>  Some one wrote a book about my line and wanted my information about my
>grandmother to put in their book because they didn't have it and then
>me to buy the book, huh?.......okkkkk.
>  I want documentation, documentation, documentation.
>  I am doing this to share, help, hobby and of course the children.
>Another person gave me a book on another part of my family and it was huge
>and I was grateful BUT I would only use it as a source.  If I saw something
>I thought might fit I would go looking for documentation........Ditsy

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