Re: English usage - Jimleviner
Subject: Re: English usage
From: Jimleviner
Date: May 08, 2000


I plan to publish my research when I get all the  documentation I need.  My 
reason for publishing is I just want to see my name on a library shelf. and 
to share my research with others.  I will self publish.  You can buy programs 
that will print your info in book form.  I do not have one yet, have only 
heard about the program. When I publish I will sell my books at cost of 
printing.  Family research is a hobby with me and I do not even try to keep 
up with cost of research.  And it would be a shame to do all this work and 
not share it with others.  IF you are not planning to publish please think 
about it again.   There will be family members who would love to have your 
info and other researchers could be helped.


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