Re: English usage - FLD
Subject: Re: English usage
From: FLD
Date: May 05, 2000

Now my 2 worth.  Each rootsweb list is for the purpose the list owner sets
up and not all are Genealogy.  

Even in genealogy it doesn't hurt to be kind and helpful.  You ask the
person (off the list) if they are open to corrections.  If not its their
work.  If so you have helped them out.  I don't think anyone has suggested
pointing out a persons errors to the entire list.

I am VERY happy to have spell check!!


At 04:14 PM 05/05/2000 -0100, you wrote:
>Well I too have .02 cents worth.  Our rootsweb lists are for genealogy not
>for correcting peoples spelling.  I myself consider it to be rude and a lack
>of class to publicly humiliate anyone by correcting them on a list or at all
>for that pencils all still have erasers.
>not spell checker used
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>From: ken robinson 
>Sent: Friday, May 05, 2000 1:08 PM
>Subject: English usage
 Janet has it right.  People need to be less testy, aggrieved, and
>defensive.  No one intends to misspell or misspeak or miswrrite.  That's why
>they're called accidents.

 Now, if we can all agree that "cemetery" no A,  "grammar" has no E, and
>just as "hers" and "his" have no apostrophe,  "its" has no apostrophe if
>it's used as a possessive pronoun, as the wagon train had "its" own

 Ken Robinson           [email protected]

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