RE: English usage - Carolyn M. Getting
Subject: RE: English usage
From: Carolyn M. Getting
Date: May 08, 2000

Well, I think it's a matter of taste.  I don't like Caps for names, as it is
really not proper, when writing as one would normally do.  If you're an old
typist, well, unless you are putting labels on files, you don't capitalize names
(except the first letter) when addressing an envelope or letter.  So, I don't use
caps when typing a query, etc.

I find them harder to read that normally written.  I tend to go over caps.  So, it
is a matter of taste, I think.  If someone does not want to share with me and I
with them because I do not put names in caps, that is just the way it has to be.

We are not all birds of the same feather, and what seems right for some, doesn't
always seem right for others.  Sorry, but now I've said it.  I've never complained
or gotten upset for someone putting their names in caps and I don't expect anyone
to get upset with me for not doing it.  I respect other peoples right to be
different and actually appreciate it.  What a dull world this would be if we were
all the same.  I never learned in school to capitalize peoples names, other than
the first letter.

God bless.

just an old Texas Gal.
Schuenemann/Latinsky/Altman/Gambel/Sinz & Gross

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> As long as we are being picky, my pet peeve is leaving out all capital
> letters.  I realize it takes longer to press down the shift key but it makes
> reading harder for those of us who are reading.  I guess the old school
> teacher still comes out in some of us.  Kay

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